​Fuel up muscle energy storage

Fuel up muscle energy storages before and after race

Horse’s basic feeding is based on high quality (dry) hay mix. Should the hay have need for top up (energy/protein) the following feed are good; whole oats, alfa-alfa and beet pulp are good sources for this and easy digestible for the horse. Basic supplement for vitamin and mineral source is Minesyl, 1-2 scoops per day. On top of this, horse should have free source of clean water, preferably from bucket, and a salt stone.

With right choice of feed and timing of the feed horse’s performance at the race can be optimised by fuelling up muscle’s energy storages and supporting elimination of waste products such as lactic acid.

Day before the race:

Minesyl: 2 scoops (2x25 ml) 3 times per day

Ferrum: 2 scoops (2x25 ml) 3 times per day
Full oats
Beet pulp

Feeding before the race should contain from slow to mid fast (glycemic index) to maintain steady blood sugar levels. Don’t give beet molasses (syrup) on the day before the race since molasses raises blood sugar immediately. However, for recovery after the race molasses works perfectly.


Race day:

2-4 hrs before the race give;

Ferrum: 1 scoop (25 ml)

Vitosyl-E: 2 scoops (2x5 ml)
1 kg whole oats

Oats contains carbohydrates that dissolves slowly and releases glucose steadily so that at the time of the race the blood sugar in muscles are in optimal level for horses use in the race.

After the race:

app. 1 hr after the race give;

Minesyl: 2 scoops (50 ml)
Ferrum: 2 scoops (50 ml)
Glucosafor: 2 scoops (10 ml)
Beet pulp
Molasses syrup

Muscle glucose storages are refilled most efficiently one hour after race/performance. Molasses diluted with lukewarm water restores glycogen to muscles and liver efficiently. Therefore, the first feeding after races should contain fast carbohydrates so that energy deficiencies will be covered effectively. Products contain lactose which also helps to balance out the blood sugar levels.

… 48 hrs after the race:

Minesyl: 2 scoops (2x25 ml) 3 times per day
Ferrum: 1 scoop (25 ml) 3 times per day
Glucosafor: 2 scoops (2x5 ml)  3 times per day

Whole oats

Beet pulp

Molasses (diluted with lukewarm water)
(dry) hay mix with higher protein content and/or alfa-alfa

Body is fixing micro damages caused by extreme physical stress 48 hrs after the exercise. Good quality protein (correct amino acid balance and ratio) is vital part of this re-building process. Protein, Minesyl and Glucosafor are effective combination in re-building process.

Third day after the race:

Return to normal daily feeding program.



Oil doesn’t contain any fibers but is energy in high concentrate. Oils and fat is only available to be used in aerobic consumption and oxygen is always needed to burn this type of energy. Oil and carbohydrates combination de-creases horse’s capacity and performance. Also, horse’s digestive system is not developed to use fat as source of energy so horse is not able to digest fat/oil efficiently but often causes digestive problems. We do not recommend using fat/oil in horse feeding.

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